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  • The challenge and pride of the GAFPB qualification

    Staff Sgt. Stephanie Lambert, 109th Airlift Wing Public Affairs photojournalist, put herself to the test as she competed for the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge.
  • Fight, flight or friendly?

    I've been watching the news and feeling a little helpless lately about increased violence in the world. And also, as a chaplain, upset that religion seems to fuel so many battles. Sometimes when cultures and religions meet, there is arguing and conflict, as we are often seeing in the news. Religion can lead us to fight.I'm also aware that even in
  • Afghanistan through the eyes of an E-1

    As a traditional guardsman, it is very rare to walk out of Basic Military Training with anything less than two stripes. Unfortunately, this was the predicament I had fallen into.Coming home from my tech school in Fort Lee, Va., I would often have to stop higher ranking personnel mid-salute and explain I was merely a slick sleeve. Shortly after, I
  • Mission Accomplished

    Pain, stiffness, long hours, but most of all perseverance were common themes for those 109th Airlift Wing members who trained to run a marathon. Col. John Russo, Maj. Ryan Walsh,1st Lt.Tierra Oliver and Master Sergeant Nicole Della Rocco and I traveled down to Arlington, Va. to participate in the 38th Marine Corps Marathon on Oct. 27, 2013.Reasons
  • 'Thank you for your service'

    Last week I had to stop at my children's school to drop off Halloween cupcakes for a celebration my son's class was having. Part of me wanted to quick change into my civilian clothes before going, but I just didn't have time. Just as I expected, kids saw me, and while some may have thought I was dressed up for Halloween, the others asked the