Welcome to the 109th AW Chaplain Corps

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Phone: (518) 344-2355
E-mail: 109.AW.Chaplain.office.org@us.af.mil

The Chaplain's office is located in Bldg. 15

Spiritual Health

Spirituality impacts all aspects of wellness. Consider these in your life:

Awe and wonder. Pause on occasion to be purposefully aware of what is Holy and Wonderful around you.
Hope. When faced with a challenge, trust that it's possible for your challenge to end well. Believe that God is "on your side."
Gratitude. Be kind and generous, both in giving and receiving.
Repentance and Forgiveness. Believe it is possible to make and receive amends when you have hurt another person.
Flexibility. Be open to what life brings. Trust in a "greater good"
Community. Share your gifts and talents to enrich another's life.
Vocation. Your work and presence makes a difference in the world.

Spiritual or religious?
Spirituality asks the "Why?" questions about life's meaning and purpose. Religious practice helps many people answer those questions. You may choose to be spiritual, religious, or both.

Many people find their spiritual lives are enriched when they join with others in religious worship and community. Your chaplains are additional resources, can offer support and advice, and can refer you to local churches or houses of worship.

Strong Bonds

Couples Program
A Chaplain-led program, usually a weekend getaway, that teaches skills to make a good marriage stronger. This is not therapy. We offer two complementary workshops: "Fighting for Your Marriage" and "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage."

Family Program
A Chaplain-led program, usually a weekend getaway, in which the whole family learns skills and techniques to improve communication. Based on Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective Families."

Singles Program
A Chaplain-led program, usually a weekend getaway, in which unmarried Airmen learn techniques to improve their dating relationships. Based on John Van Epp's "How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk."

For more information on any of these programs, including dates, locations and registration information, please e-mail the Chaplain's office.

Worship Services

The Chaplain's office offers religious services during UTA weekends for many religious groups and will advocate and accommodate for all member's faith - contact the chaplain's office for more information.