AMC announces UEI exceptional performers

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  • 109th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Several Airmen throughout the 109th Airlift Wing were recognized for exceptional performance during the recent Unit Effectiveness Inspection Capstone visit conducted by Air Mobility Command. These Airmen were either recognized for their individual or team contributions. AMC defines exceptional performance as, "An organized group or dedicated individual whose knowledge, perseverance and professionalism contributed greatly to the unit's compliance with directives and high state of mission success."

IG Coin Recipients
Senior Master Sgt. Greg Mihalko, 109th Communications Flight

Individual Recognition
1st Lt. Angela Vasilakos, 109th Airlift Wing
Chief Master Sgt. Orlando Rodriguez, 109th AW
Tech. Sgt. Kyle DeFeo, 109th Security Forces Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Francis Johnson, 109th Operations Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Muller, 109th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Brian Rulison, 109th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Staff Sgt. Catlin Boyle, 109th SFS

Team Recognition

Aircrew Intelligence Training Team -- 109th OSS
Staff Sgt. Joshua Hague
Senior Airman Travis Inman

Communications Flight Operation Raven Dew Team
Senior Master Sgt. Jeffrey Lapp (retired) -- 109th CF
Senior Master Sgt. Greg Mihalko -- 109th CF
Master Sgt. Patrick Reimann -- 109th CF
Tech. Sgt. Scott Anderson -- 109th CF
Tech. Sgt. Robert Harrington -- 109th CF
Staff Sgt. Johnny Cope -- 109th CF
Senior Airman Daniel Street -- 139th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron

Food Service Team -- 109th Force Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Beth Davis
Tech. Sgt. Keith Eriole
Tech. Sgt. Dean Lansley
Senior Airman Joseph Campbell
Senior Airman Gary Doyle
Senior Airman Joshua Henderson
Senior Airman Nick Hochmuth
Senior Airman Robert Johnson
Senior Airman Jonathan Saunders
Senior Airman Amy Scott
Airman 1st Class Perry Rayner
Airman Kahdeem Defreitas

Inspector General Communications Support Team
Master Sgt. Christopher Moore -- 109th CF
Tech. Sgt. Jodi Habbinger -- 109th CF
Tech. Sgt. Robert Harrington -- 109th CF
Tech. Sgt. Henry Smith -- 109th CF
Senior Airman Matthew Almy -- 109th CF
Airman 1st Class Collin Eustis -- 109th CF
Airman 1st Class Joshua Speziale -- 109th Student Flight
Airman 1st Class Nicholas Tousignant -- 109th STUF

Inspector General Team
Lt. Col. Matthew LeClair -- 139th Airlift Squadron
Lt. Col. Alan Ross -- 109th AW
Maj. Glen Hisert -- 109th AW
Maj. Ernest Lancto -- 109th Maintenance Operations Flight
Chief Master Sgt. William Nolin -- 139th AS
Chief Master Sgt. Mark Schaible -- 109th LRS
Senior Master Sgt. Greg Mihalko -- 109th CF
Senior Airman Brittany Rankin -- 109th Maintenance Squadron

Aeromedical Evacuation Team -- 139th AES
Lt. Col. Brian Backus
Lt. Col. Lisa Bowman
Lt. Col. Christine Dicaprioyandik
Lt. Col. Maureen Silver
Lt. Col. George Tusang
Lt. Col. Janice Zautner
Maj. Daniel Legere
Capt. Kathryn Burnell
Capt. Jeffrey Burns
Capt. Melissa Cucchi
Capt. Daniel Glick
Capt. Lynda Hirata
Capt. Richard Legault
Capt. James McCauley
Capt. Heather Miner
Capt. Maureen Moffett
Capt. Rita O'Brian
Capt. Tammy Ostrowski
Capt. Bernadette Weaver
1st Lt. Jerry Douglas
1st Lt. Stephen Hallenbeck
1st Lt. Dawne Helligrass
1st Lt. Bonnie Kemble
1st Lt. Donna McCormick
1st Lt. Nathan Phelps
1st Lt. Jennifer Seney
1st Lt. Robert Smith
2nd Lt. Douglas Coons
2nd Lt. Katie Swanick
2nd Lt. Ashley VanPatten
Chief Master Sgt. Michael Kovarovic
Senior Master Sgt. Matthew Ausfeld
Senior Master Sgt. Karolyn Devito
Master Sgt. Jennifer Dippo
Master Sgt. Lloyd Hale
Master Sgt. Henry Panten
Master Sgt. Mark Prevendowski
Master Sgt. Allison Snyder
Master Sgt. James Welch
Master Sgt. Andrew Westling
Tech. Sgt. Karl Bochenek
Tech. Sgt. David Burt
Tech. Sgt. Joseph Carolan
Tech. Sgt. Dale Catlett
Tech. Sgt. Michael Crouse
Tech. Sgt. Rachel Farchione
Tech. Sgt. James Gorman
Tech. Sgt. Joshua Green
Tech. Sgt. Thomas Heyman
Tech. Sgt. Robert Madison
Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Naparty
Tech. Sgt. Efrain Rivera
Tech. Sgt. Jason Robelotto
Tech. Sgt. Raymond Rudat
Tech. Sgt. Joseph Smith
Tech. Sgt. Diane Solmo
Tech. Sgt. April Veeder
Tech. Sgt. Sam Webster
Tech. Sgt. Randolph Welch
Tech. Sgt. Colleen Zeliph
Staff Sgt. John Berlow
Staff Sgt. Ryan Burnah
Staff Sgt. Sara Eldred
Staff Sgt. Ryan Fortune
Staff Sgt. Haleigh Hindes
Staff Sgt. Robert Loomis
Staff Sgt. Kevin Partlow
Senior Airman Connie Anderson
Senior Airman Seth Bateman
Senior Airman Nicole Cotugno
Senior Airman Eric Fay
Senior Airman Milyn Kane
Senior Airman Stephanie Lambert
Senior Airman Travis Mihok
Senior Airman Jason Miller
Senior Airman Gabriel Montgomery
Senior Airman Matthew Murray
Senior Airman Christopher Olden
Senior Airman Nicholas Strange
Senior Airman Daniel Street
Senior Airman Brian Witt
Airman 1st Class Nicolas Grover
Airman 1st Class Kevin McGee
Airman 1st Class Stacey Ranagan