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Category: Antarctica
  • LC-130 aircrew completes South Pole mission despite extreme weather conditions

    The harsh, unforgiving and unpredictable weather of Antarctica made a routine mission to the South Pole a little more than an LC-130 “Skibird” crew with the 139th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron had bargained for on Nov. 9, 2017.Despite the extreme cold, minimum visibility and maximum crosswinds, the crew safely landed at the National Science
  • 109th AW takes on additional ODF mission

    Airmen with the New York Air National Guard's 109th Airlift Wing here will cap five months of support of U.S. Antarctic research efforts by flying 1,100 researchers and support staff, and 43 tons of cargo, from McMurdo Station, Antarctica, to New Zealand aboard seven of its 10 ski-equipped LC-130 cargo planes.The flights are expected to begin next
  • NY Air Guard heads to Antarctica

    Two more 109th Airlift Wing LC-130 aircraft departed Tuesday, Oct. 22, in support of Operation Deep Freeze.The Wing kicked off its 26th season on Friday Oct. 18 as airmen and one LC-130 Hercules aircraft began their journey to the South Pole.Despite the obstacles each season brings with the extreme weather conditions in Antarctica, crews are always
  • 109th Finishes 25th Season In Antarctica

         LC-130 aircraft crews started returning home to the Stratton Air National Guard base late Thursday night after the five day trip from the Antarctic continent.     Only one "skibird" has returned, with another five to follow over the next few days.      The majority of aircraft maintainers and other support personnel have already returned to