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  • 109th AW celebrates 60 years with Hangar Dance

    About 800 Airmen and guests filled Hangar 8 to celebrate the 109th Airlift Wing's 60th Anniversary on Oct. 4. The night started with a quick video about the wing being the recent recipient of the Spaatz Trophy, an award recognizing the 109th Airlift Wing as the Air National Guard's most outstanding flying unit for 2007. Also on screen was Lt. Matt
  • Wing awarded Spaatz Trophy

    The 109th Airlift Wing was awarded the prestigious National Guard Association of the United States' Spaatz Trophy for 2007. Lt. Gen. Craig McKinley, Air National Guard director, presented Col. Anthony German, 109th AW commander,  the trophy Sept. 22 during the NGAUS Awards Ceremony in Baltimore.The Spaatz trophy, named in honor of former Chief of
  • Base firefighters respond to aircraft crash

    Firefighters stationed here were the first to respond to an aircraft crash across the flightline at Schenectady County Airport on Sept. 23 at about 3 p.m. The team was on scene within two minutes of the call. They quickly extinguished the fire and worked to get the man out of the aircraft. The crew said when they arrived on scene it was "controlled
  • C-5 airlifts C-130 fuselage to Stratton

    On Sept. 10 a 105th Airlift Wing C-5 Galaxy from Newburgh, N.Y., landed here with precious cargo - a training fuselage of a C-130A that the 143rd AW in Rhode Island no longer needed. It was the first time a non-modified C-5 had carried this cargo. The fuselage was brought here to provide more training opportunities for guardsmen. Getting the C-130
  • Guardsmen spend lunch with elementary students

    Students are lined up outside the cafeteria, and you can feel their excitement. Maybe it's because today is pizza day. It could also be because they know summer vacation is right around the corner. But it's probably because they know there are some visitors waiting to spend lunchtime with them. More than 40 men and women here have taken time out of
  • McNulty honored at base

    Rep. Michael McNulty, D-21st Congressional District, was honored during a visit here May 29 during a breakfast hosted by the Schenectady Chamber and the Schenectady Military Affairs Council. About 70 community and military leaders attended the event at the base dining facility. The congressman has been in public service for nearly 40 years and was
  • Wing, community extend reach to Greenland school

    Reaching out to the community is nothing new for the men and women of the 109th Airlift Wing. They have always stepped up to the plate in more ways than one in providing community support over the years. So it should be no surprise that these good deeds would extend and reach all the way to Greenland. On June 2, Maj. Matt LeClair, of the 139th
  • Airmen participate in base mobility exercise

    The Deployment Control Center (DCC) was activated and more than 160 Airmen and 21 short tons of cargo were tasked to deploy during the May Unit Training Assembly. Airmen and cargo were tasked to deploy to three locations: Southwest Asia, Greenland and New York City. In the dining facility, Airmen worked their way through the mobility line, got
  • Medics support Albanian humanitarian mission

    In February, the New Jersey National Guard turned to the 109th Airlift Wing for some help. They were going to Albania to administer the Hepatitis A vaccine to 1,000 children and needed Air National Guard support. Five medics here jumped at the chance to support this humanitarian mission. Through New Jersey's State Partnership Agreement Program